App StoreThis is a free to download and free to use App, there are no costs involved by using this App, there are adverts to help recover cost of development and cover ongoing maintenance costs. The Tabs below correspond to each screen that can be seen in the App, along with a screen shot there is also an explanation on what each screen is used for and how to complete it.

  • About the App
  • ADHP List Screen
  • Preferences Screen
  • NOTAM List
  • Welcome Screen

NOTAM Apps for iOS 8

About the App
Designed and built for iOS 8, with a universal UI design this app will work on any of the iPhones, iPods or iPads that are capable of running iOS 8.
Version 1.2
  • Released 1 May 2015
  • Bug fix for error in response from datasource
  • Please inform us if you have any corrupt data returns when using the App.
  • Built using iOS 8.3 and Swift 1.2.
Version 1.1
  • Released 4 Feb 2015
  • Bug fix for crash when searching for ADHPs with no connection
  • Bug fix for icon display on NOTAM List
  • Large screen images for App Store.
Version 1.0:
  • Released 16 Jan 2015.
  • This App contains adverts, its production and maintainance are not free.
  • Inital release with access to Aerodrome or Heliport information.
  • Search by ADHP name, store up to 10 ADHPs for faster access.
  • NOTAMs easily read with both a Raw Data view and an expanded view, detailing each part of the NOTAM.
Future Upgrades:
  • An option to pay for the ads to be removed.
  • Increase ADHP storage.
  • Add Notifications for new NOTAMs
  • Expand to include SNOWTAMs and ASHTAMs

If you have any recommendations or want to provide feedback on the app or its usage, there is a contact form within the App from the Preferences page, or you can use this websites contact form.


ADHP List Screen
The first screen displayed when using the iPhone or iPod version of the App, this is list used to store your chosen Aerodrome or Heliport details.
List Row details
Each row in the list provide the ICAO Code and name of your chosen ADHP, along the last refresh date, a quick reference to see when the datasource was last interrogated.
Plus Label
Pressing this button opens a new screen with a search bar at the top, by entering at least 4 characters from the name of the ADHP you want this will return a list of matches, selecting will add them to your ADHP List, click the back arrow when finished.
Preferences (Cog)
Pressing the Cog graphic opens the Preferences screen. See next tab for details.


Configure how the app works, update information and view it all from this screen.
Q Code Rows
The top 4 rows are dedicated to Q Codes, the first two are lists, followed by a search facility, enter the Q Code to find its meaning, final row allows you to update the Q Codes on your device, this should be carried out monthly or when instructed too, as these details do not change very often.
Other Functions
Auto Refresh NOTAMs slider will automatically update your NOTAM list each time you start the app, only the first time though, shoul you wish to manually refresh the NOTAMs, use the circular arrow button when viewing the NOTAMs, more on the next tab.
The last two rows provide information about the app producers and a contact form for sending messages to NOTAM Apps, these can be about any part of the app including suggestions for improvements.


This list is yours to maintain, refreshing will remove all NOTAMs and sync with the datasource. The List is split into sections by the Series of the NOTAMs.
NOTAM Row Details
Each row is dedicated to one NOTAM, the NOTAM number, followed by New or the NOTAM it replaced. Below this is the Q Code, with the first line of the NOTAM at the bottom of the row.
NOTAM Graphics
Each NOTAM will have a graphic assigned to it:.
  • Blue Question Mark - This NOTAM has not yet been opened/read.
  • Green Tick - This NOTAM has been opened/read.
  • Red Cross - This NOTAM has expired by passing its End Validity date.
  • New Tag - This is added to the NOTAM that has just been downloaded on the last refresh, if you leave and come back to the list, this New Tag will no longer be displayed, this provides the ability to separate new and unread NOTAMs.


This screen will display the whole NOTAM in raw format, as you would normally see the data. Followed by the NOTAM broken down and expanded in its constituent parts.
Breakdown Contents
The image to the right does not show all parts of the breakdwon, along with those displayed the breakdown also contains Scope, Lower and Upper limits, Coordinates, Radius, Item A, Start and End Validity, Estimation, Item D, Item F and Item G, and on rare occassions Item X.
NOTAM Validity
As with the Decode NOTAM this image should not be used for flight planning, it maybe replaced at any time.


The Welcome Screen
The Welcome Screen for the App contains some information about this website, followed by an example NOTAM broken down with is constituent parts explained. This page is initially shown on the iPad app, and found by clicking Home when viewing any stored NOTAMs, on the iPhone or iPod version of this App.
NOTAM Breakdown Validity
The NOTAM used for explanation should not be used for flight planning as it from 2011 and is no longer valid. There may also be occassion when the format is amended, NOTAM Apps will do our best to stay on top of these changes and reflect them within the App.

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