NOTAM Data Lists

These tables provide information that you will require for compiling your requests for information, they are broken up individually to try and reduce the load times.

These tables are connected to constantly changing data, if an issue arises please contact us so we can resolve the issue.

The menu structure provides four data lists at the present, details and explanations are below.

FIR List

This data list provides a table of Flight Information Regions and their Organisation names, this data when used in the request can provide pre-flight infomation for an entire FIR, which can include a lot of data, use wisely.


As this is such a large list of AD/HPs we have concluded a search would be better and faster for the user, by providing any 4 letters from the name of AD/HP, the search facility will show a filtered list of the information we have in the NOTAM Apps system. The table also provides the IATA Code if applicable, the Type, and the Full Name of the Aerodrome/Heliport.

There are two links at the end of each row, these are short cuts to the Instant Payment functions, the numbers after the Download link indicate the number of NOTAMs that NOTAM Apps has stored in its datasource.

NOF Names and Series Lists

NOTAM Offices are resonsible for issuing NOTAMs and other flight information data, with the NOF and Series you can request all the NOTAMs from the NOF. Some of the larger NOFs have multiple series in use, this table can provide details of the current series in use.

Q Code Lists

Q Codes are used in the request of a single, NOF, Aerodrome/Heliport or FIR, they allow you to focus the request to specific condition and/or piece of equipment, for example, QNMAS is broken down as follows:

  • Q identifies it as a Q Code.
  • NM relates to the VOR/DME at the aerodrome/heliport.
  • AS relates to its condition in this case and means Unservicable.

The above can be focused at a NOTAM Office, Aerodrome/Heliport or Flight Information region by the inclusion of an ICAO Code. Or Q???? includes everything.

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