Why Provide Subscription Functions?

Subscription Services require registration, followed by a subscription payment.

All Subscriber Functions are currently doubled in length from 30 to 60 days.

Unlike the other Levels, the Subscription Fx is there when you need to receive data automatically, and more importantly, within minutes of the data being issued. The system will scan all NOTAMs as they are issued and if you are subscribed by NOTAM Office (NOF), Flight Information Region (FIR) or Aerodrome/Heliport (AD/HP) you will receive a copy of the NOTAM at the email address you provide during the registration process.

Available Functions:

AD/HP Listener
Probably the most suitable Listener for all aviation enthusiasts, currently you can listen to 10 AD/HPs by entering their ICAO Code, however, the number of NOTAMs will vary, you will still be required to maintain your subscription, even if you do not receive any NOTAMs in a given day, week or month. Consider the AD/HP NOTAM Request to make a request for data if your AD/HP does not issue NOTAMs on a regular basis.
NOF Listener
This listener will forward all NOTAMs issued by the NOTAM Office, please be aware the number of NOTAMs will vary greatly between NOFs, please consider your requirement for this level of information, would few AD/HP Listeners suit you better?
FIR Listener
As there are fewer FIRs than NOFs, the data received from this listener may be more than a NOF Listener, again consider the need for this Listener service carefully.

Functions Under Development:

Mobile Web Access App
A Mobile Optimised Web App is under development to allow access to the stored data with the lightweight benefits of a mobile web structure.
Pre Flight Information Bulletins
A collection of requests designed to provide all the relevant NOTAM data for a flight plan, will allow for multiple ICAO code inputs and we are aiming for any new NOTAMs to be instantly sent to you via email, this will allow you stay on top of any new information during your planned flight.

How Does It Work?

By inputting the required parameters in the forms provided on the linked pages in the top or side menu, after a confirmation of subscription, the information will be requested and will arrive at the provided email address within a few minutes.

Why do we use Paypal?

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PayPal Acceptance Mark

This system processes the payments online and instantly, providing payment confirmation to us within seconds of the customer clicking 'Buy', with the added security provided by Paypal, this quick and easy payment system has over 110,000,000 users worldwide.


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