Decode Guide for NOTAMs

The NOTAM below is from Ljubljana, Slovenia (LJLA) and is an actual NOTAM and should not be used for flight planning.

A0471/13 NOTAMN
A)LJLA B)1305200930 C)1305201600EST
D)0930-1200 AND 1340-1600
E) MILITARY EXERCISE WILL TAKE PLACE WITHIN AREA DETERMINATED WITH FOLLOWING COORDINATES: 461000N 0140800E 455400N 0150200E 454100N 0145400E 454800N 0143010E 455030N 0143010E 455030N 0142200E 455700N 0140000E CAUTION ADVISED.
F) 8000FT AMSL
G) 10000FT AMSL

First line shows us that A is the Series, 0471 is the NOTAM number, and 13 is the year, this is followed by NOTAM and N for New.

Should the NOTAM be followed by a R (Replaced) or C (Cancelled), this is then followed by the NOTAM identification of the replaced or cancelled NOTAM.

Q) Line contains information on who the NOTAM effects, LJLA is the Aerodrome Code, can also be the FIR Code. QWELW is split into 3, Q identifies it as a Q Code, 2nd and 3rd letters signify the subject being reported, 4th and 5th letters signify the status of operation, in our example QWELW is WE means Exercises and LW means will take place. I stands for IFR, V stands for VFR. BO is the Purpose of the NOTAM, and can be made up of a combination of N, B, O, M, which mean,

  • N - NOTAM selected for the immediate attention of aircraft operators
  • B - NOTAM for selected PIB entry
  • O - Operationally significant NOTAM
  • M - Miscellaneous

W refers to Navigational Warnings, other options are E for En-Route Info and A for Aerodrome. 080 and 100 refer to the lowest and highest flight level. Finally we have the co-ordinates of the NOTAM followed by the radius, in our example, 022 nautical miles radius.

A) Line refers to the Aerodromes and/or FIR in question.

B) and C) are usually on the same line and refer to the validity of the NOTAM, in our example from B)1305200930 0930 on the 20 May 2013, C)1305201600 1600 20 May 2013, EST adds an estimated caveat.

E) Line is the details of the NOTAM, this free text box could contain more dates, times, coordinates and lists, this text is usually abbreviated to reduce size of information passed.

D) is used to provide details of a diurnal time, some activities are not longer than 24 hours, but occur over a few days. F) and G) lines provide the height restrictions of the NOTAM. This could vary in methods, ft, or flight levels, with SFC relating to surface and UNL meaning unlimited height.

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