NOTAM Functions

Registration is required and must be performed to request from datasource or download any data, complete the online form and confirm by following the link sent to the email address you register.

A NOTAM is quasi-acronym, or 'seems to be made up from the initials' of 'Notice to Airman' which was the original name of these notices, these have been used since before the ratification of the Convention of International Civil Aviation (CICA).

NOTAMs are raised, published and stored for a number of reasons,for example but not limited too:

  • Hazards, including rocket or balloon launches, parachute jumps etc.
  • VIP flights, sometimes referred to as Temporary Flight Restrictions, TFRs.
  • Damaged or closed runways.
  • Navigation aids that are under repair or out of service.
  • Military exercises with resulting airspace restrictions.
  • Broken obstructions lights, or erection of tall structures, temporary or permanent.
This website provides free and subscription level services, these for gathering NOTAMs and the aviation information contained within, these are described below:
Free Functions

The ability to search NOTAM Apps local data store is provided free of charge, you can either search for NOTAMs by filtering specific information in the store, more filters will be added in the future. You can also search for all the NOTAMs relating to a specific NOF/Series combination.

Registered Services
AD/HP NOTAM Download
This function uses the NOTAMs stored locally and may contain NOTAMs that are in the process of being removed and/or may not contain new NOTAMs, the benefit of this is speed, but to be absolutely sure you must use the AD/HP NOTAM Request function, available on registration.
This request allows you to return all NOTAMs that are valid for a given AD/HP using ICAO Code and by narrowing the search to between two dates.
NOF and Series Request
This allows the registered user to request a list of all the current NOTAMs for a given NOF and Series, this differs from the search as the request is submitted to the external data source, the returned NOTAM list is converted tp PDF and then emailed to the users registered email address, this PDF once delivered is no longer subject to update, the requestor is responsible for ensuring the data is up to date before using it.
NOTAM Subscription Functions:
NOF Listener
This service will send you a copy of a NOTAM if one is recevied by NOTAM Apps from any of the NOFs you wish to 'listen' out for. The email is sent to the registered email address for this web site. If you listen to both a NOF and an FIR from within that NOF you will receive an email for both of these listeners.
FIR Listener
Our listener service allows you too register a Flight Information ICAO Code, once a new NOTAM is issued, you will receive an email as soon our system receives the data.
AD/HP NOTAM Listener
Our listener service allows you too register an Aerodrome/Heliport ICAO Code, once a new NOTAM is issued, you will receive an email as soon our system receives the data.

Future Additions

More functions will be added as the system grows along with the number of users, if you have any requests or would like to provide feedback, please feel free to Contact Us.

For users with no subscription.

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